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Fair and unbiased athlete valuations

Cache AI

Unlock athlete potential and maximize ROI by helping athletes understand, optimize, and realize their true value, while enabling businesses to make comprehensive, data-driven decisions.

A proprietary set of metrics developed to help sports industry stakeholders understand brand strength, and market value.


The CacheScore™ is a rubric for assessing brand strength. This cumulative score is determined with a comprehensive set of performance indicators and supports the needs of athletes and brands.


The Cachestimate™ delivers market value and insights on brand alignment. Among others things, users will understand fit, brand safety and consider budget parameters and anticipate impact.


CacheRec™️ makes suggestions and recommendation tailored to the user prompts and can optimize brand alignment, brand safety and a host of other use cases.

What’s your Cache?

We know your value is more than game stats and followers, it’s in the things you do when no one is watching.

A proprietary set of metrics developed to help student athletes and the sports industry navigate Name Image and Likeness (NIL).

A guideline for assessing brand strength. This cumulative score is determined in consideration of
factors including (on court/field performance, grades, social media presence, and more), giving
the student athlete and the industry unbiased insights around true NIL values.

An evaluation tool for brands and athletes to comprehend their market value and alignment with
their brand.

Suggestions and recommendations tailored to user queries about optimizing brand value,
aligning deals, and overall brand safety, as well as a host of other use cases.


Cache AI is trained by a 360º user profile: data provided by athletes, their immediate network, and sports related sources.


Cache considers a comprehensive set of KPIs such as game stats, social following, offline presence and off the court/ field.

No Bias

Cache mitigates against bias, eliminating words and phrases that impact perception and ultimately value.

What’s your Cache?

What’s your Cache?

What’s your Cache?

What’s your Cache?

What’s your Cache?

Know the Score.

Know the Score.

Know the Score.

Know the Score.

Know the Score.

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Cache AI is the trusted scoring standard for valuations in sports.

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Our Team

Our mission is to eliminate bias and empower everyone to know the score.

Kobi Wu

Founder | CEO, New York, NY

Malur Narayan

Co-Founder | CTO, Austin, TX

Jerry Sawyer

Co-Founder | Sports, Los Angeles, CA